Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Eat, Run, Draw and Write

Ready for the next adventure. Chase me. Run with me.

My Bus Ride


As I step inside the bus,
As it moves its wheels,
To somewhere, somewhere,
Wherever the road leads us, I wonder.

As the view from the window changes,
As the wind blew on my face,
We are far, far away,
Excitement fills the air, my eyes wander.

How sad it is for some,
That only thought of their destination,
Who can’t feel the anticipation,
The surprise that may come along the way.

As I sit inside the bus,
I wonder what stories I pass by.
I try to look at everything,
Though so fast, I’m trying.

Tough how many hours I must sit,
Even all I can see were just trees,
I enjoy every minute of it,
Oh, how the bus sings in its own beat.

And whenever the ride is finished,
Feels like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend.
Until next time,
I will travel,
I will travel,
And I will see each story I pass by,
Though so fast, I will.


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