• Photography

    A Mole on One’s Foot

    There is a Filipino superstition where a mole on one’s foot means the person loves adventure. Often times describes as “layas”, “gala” and “lakwatero/lakwatsera” (travelers and wanderers) that often goes anywhere just for the sake of being outside the house. It may lead them somewhere big, thanks to their mole! This is a journal of her travels and wanderings.

  • My Travels

    I Am Wilderness

    The forest always fills me with awe. The smell of the wild air, moss and earth feels like some heavenly scent for me. The wild flowers are amazing and gorgeous. And beneath the depths of the earth hide their roots, crawling to the deepest part of the crust, always working in mystery. Despite being surrounded by tall trees, I never felt that I am small. Somehow, I know, everything arounds me, breathes with me. And I am no more or less than the wild. I am one of them.

  • Poetry

    My Bus Ride

    As I step inside the bus, As it moves its wheels, To somewhere, somewhere, Wherever the road leads us, I wonder. As the view from the window changes, As the wind blew on my face, We are far, far away, Excitement fills the air, my eyes wander. How sad it is for some, That only thought of their destination, Who can’t feel the anticipation, The surprise that may come along the way. As I sit inside the bus, I wonder what stories I pass by. I try to look at everything, Though so fast, I’m trying. Tough how many hours I must sit, Even all I can see were just…

  • Poetry


    Lights off, the world is sleeping. Dogs howl, cricket’s watching. The stream flows; Soft whispers; Rain falls, it gives shivers. A woman sleeps; A man is naked. Stars wink, trees faded. Curtains down; Music is low. Old man’s breathing, a silent moan. Painful cry; Hurrying footsteps. A knock on the door Unveiling secrets.

  • Stories to Tell

    From The Woman You Don’t Wan’t to Marry

    To my man, I love to travel. You must understand. I want to feel the breeze of the wind and face all the adventures this life can offer. The four corners of the office bores me to death. The numbers I’m dealing with every single day brings me more stress than any problems I’m facing in my everyday life. It slowly kills me. I need to live my life. You must understand. I am not born to live a life dictated by other people. I’ve live my life suppressing all my dreams and sacrificing my passions in order to give the best for my family. I’ve live my younger years dealing with problems a…


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