Something I Learned Because It Doesn’t Snow in the Philippines

While classifying invoices at work this day, I come across an item I have no idea about — salt spreader.

So I asked one of my counterpart in Europe what the heck it is. He said it is an equipment to spread salt on the ground, so ice/snow would melt, to prevent people from slipping. Continue reading Something I Learned Because It Doesn’t Snow in the Philippines

Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Atok, Benguet

Last week, I promised myself to write every week for my #weeklyblogchallenge but I’m going to pause for awhile to tell you about my trip last weekend, the reason I can’t write right away. I was on a vacation for four days and went to the Mountain Province. Internet connection was slow and the busy tour schedule was tiring. But sore feet from trekking and sleepy head for early call time is worth it. Peak on one of my favorite on this trip to Northern Blossom Flower Farm.

Continue reading Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Atok, Benguet

Weekly Blog Challenge

After being a blogger who doesn’t write for over three years, just writing during my “inspired moments”, and sulking into depression for almost a year, I finally had the courage to step out of the darkness I’m accustomed to. And into the light, I go. Yay!

A sure mistake for starting a blog is not to write. A lesson I learned so far in this blogging journey. Now, I’m determined to start my year right and to bring back my soul and passion for writing. And will take this blogging journey to the next level. Wohoo! Continue reading Weekly Blog Challenge

What is Your Story?

It was 3 in the morning, a time when I usually write, whether in my journal or in my blog. I was looking for blog prompts since I’m feeling a little dried up lately, coming from a year-long depression when I saw a post about answering the question, “What is your story?” Continue reading What is Your Story?

Power Thoughts That Can Change Your Life

Two years ago, I was told the secrets to success and a happy life. Yes, it’s not yet too late for this life. A friend told me about The Secrets and explained to me the Law of Attraction. I was really caught up with it that I started researching on it until I found out that there are lots of people practicing it already. So I decided to try it as well. Continue reading Power Thoughts That Can Change Your Life

My 2018 Promises I’m Not Obliged to Fulfill

The first day of 2018, aaaahhh. Time flies so fast. 2017 was a tough year for me. Seems like it was just last night that I was sulking in my bed, not knowing what the hell to do on the trials the universe has confidently laid on my shoulders. And since the universe has its own timeline, I’ll be expecting more trials on the way. No worries, my bed is ready for the sulking again, just kidding. But here is my list of my year-round New Year’s Resolution I rarely make and I’m not obliged to do. Because admit it, there are things on ‘the list’ we’re not able to start. Some of those goals, are planned way back five years ago, but writing them on the list is a start, so good job! Continue reading My 2018 Promises I’m Not Obliged to Fulfill

Break All The Rules And Get Inked

In our family, there’s one rule about getting a tattoo: “You should never get one!”

My father has a big tattoo on his back. I remember the days when he was still alive, I will trace my fingers on his tattoo, a face of a woman, her left cheek burned, a snake’s on top of her head, jaws open ready to attack. It was a frightful tattoo but I am so amazed on how can someone paint such a gruesome image on his body. Continue reading Break All The Rules And Get Inked


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