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Filipino Exotic Foods I Dare You to Try

Foodtrip? Yes, it’s more fun in the Philippines.
I’m sure in every country, there is a unique food/cuisine that is ultimately their own. Philippines is sure to have something to offer to you, making your tastebuds wild, and your appetite to go crazy — either you’ll want to eat it or you won’t. So I dare you. Try these food on the list when you travel the Philippines. It is worth the experience. But prepare your stomach and brace for impact.

Ang Pooritang Gala

Akala ng iba sa akin (lalo na yung mga hindi mahilig magtravel), porket umaalis ako halos buwan-buwan, napupunta sa mga bundok, dagat o saan pa man, akala nila ang dami ko nang pera. At akala nila, napupunta lang sa ‘galaan’ lahat. 😄 “Marami kang pera, gala ka nga ng gala eh.” Nagkakamali po kayo. Magpaliwanag …

Bright Red on Blue

Just want to share with you a hidden paradise in Masasa,Tingloy, Batangas PH. The beach is not crowded. A really nice escape from the city. You can take a bus from Jam Liner, Kamuning to Grand Central Bus Station, Batangas. From there, you take a jeepney ride to Nasugbu Pier. You can ride a boat …