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Talk with the locals, eat local dishes, try public transport. Make it your home, away from home.

Boracay | Nov. 2018 – You’re Still The Same Old, Brand New You

Another night another day, what can I say? You’re still the same old, brand new you.

Boracay - Nov2018
Boracay| Nov2018
Boracay | After Six Months of Rehabilitation

Six months ago, President Duterte ordered to close Boracay for rehabilitation due to the famous island becoming a ‘cesspool’ as he termed it. The island was totally closed to the public and the rehabilitation work lasted for six months.

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Simala Church | Sibonga, Cebu – 2018

Simala Church| Located at Sibonga, Cebu lies this popular castle-like church — Simala Church, also known as Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. The church has been established by the Marian monks lead by Fra. Martin, from Pampanga who were sent on mission through the intercession of Mother Mary to Cebu. His Eminence Cardinal Vidal granted them the permission to stay and find a land they can cultivate and establish for cloistered and monks dedicated to prayer and Mary, officially naming their community Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration (MMEA).

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Playa La Caleta: A Glamping Paradise

Playa La Caleta – A Glamping Paradise

Third week is freedom! As for us, this is the only week we can relax after a stressful closing of the books. And so, we had our quick escape from numbers and sleepless nights. Went to a beach not too crowded but not too far, where we can pitch tents, sleep on hammocks (or even on the sand!), swim until pitch dark, and drink until we hold onto the fine grains of sand trying to avoid falling off the earth. Continue reading Playa La Caleta: A Glamping Paradise

Filipino Exotic Foods I Dare You to Try

Last week, I took a pause with my #weeklyblogchallenge to write about my sidetrip to Northern Blossoms Flower Farm in Benguet. Now, I’m back to start the challenge again. My topic for this blog post? Filipino exotic food! 😊 Game.

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So, let’s talk about food. Filipinos love to eat. In every occasion, there will always be food. And there’s always an occasion to celebrate. But what about the weirdest, scariest and less-appetizing food? Would you dare to try? Continue reading Filipino Exotic Foods I Dare You to Try

Something I Learned Because It Doesn’t Snow in the Philippines

While classifying invoices at work this day, I come across an item I have no idea about — salt spreader.

So I asked one of my counterpart in Europe what the heck it is. He said it is an equipment to spread salt on the ground, so ice/snow would melt, to prevent people from slipping. Continue reading Something I Learned Because It Doesn’t Snow in the Philippines

Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Atok, Benguet

Last week, I promised myself to write every week for my #weeklyblogchallenge but I’m going to pause for awhile to tell you about my trip last weekend, the reason I can’t write right away. I was on a vacation for four days and went to the Mountain Province. Internet connection was slow and the busy tour schedule was tiring. But sore feet from trekking and sleepy head for early call time is worth it. Peak on one of my favorite on this trip to Northern Blossom Flower Farm. Continue reading Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Atok, Benguet

Ang Pooritang Gala

Akala ng iba sa akin (lalo na yung mga hindi mahilig magtravel), porket umaalis ako halos buwan-buwan, napupunta sa mga bundok, dagat o saan pa man, akala nila ang dami ko nang pera. At akala nila, napupunta lang sa ‘galaan’ lahat. 😄 Continue reading Ang Pooritang Gala

Bright Red on Blue

Just want to share with you a hidden paradise in Masasa, Tingloy, Batangas, PH. A really nice escape from the city.





You can take a bus from Jam Liner, Kamuning to Grand Central Bus Station, Batangas. From there, you take a jeepney ride to Nasugbu Pier. You can ride a boat directly to Masasa beach at Tingloy Island, but we were lucky to have a friend who’s from Tingloy so we had an accommodation almost for free. Then we just took a tricycle to get to Masasa – but there’s a long walk from the terminal to the beach. It’s worth it though. 😀

Why Do We Climb Mountains?

As I lay on a sofa, resting my body with sore muscles from shoulders to feet a day after a climb, a friend asked “Why are you so hard on yourself? Why do you climb mountains?”

I just grinned back and smiled a ‘you-will-never-understand-because-you-don’t-try’ smile. One just can’t simply explain why we, you and I climb mountains. It is never a simple one-word explanation. Words can’t even be enough. Continue reading Why Do We Climb Mountains?