Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Eat, Run, Draw and Write

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The Hardest Part of a Job

The hardest part of a job is to pretend you are working.
An hour seems a lifetime especially during Monday mornings.
Alt-Tab, to hide games and shows when the Boss is looking.
A mastery of the skill, good plan and luck and you’ll be succeeding.

When you’re bored and sleepy, take a nap with style.
Place you hand on your keyboard, and sleep without a sigh.
Wake up from time to time and give yourself a smile;
No one noticed, so congraulate yourself this time.

When just an hour was left, from all your long breaks,
And Facebook, Youtube, IG and Twitter helped you to be awake,
Count every minute and notice how long an hour takes.
Not as fast as Friday when time seems to accelerate.

So, it is the hardest when you pretend to work hard.
Why not make each day easy and just love your job?
All Mondays are slow and weekends are just a snap.
But each day always ends, let’s end it doing what we love.

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