Playa La Caleta: A Glamping Paradise

Playa La Caleta – A Glamping Paradise

Third week is freedom! As for us, this is the only week we can relax after a stressful closing of the books. And so, we had our quick escape from numbers and sleepless nights. Went to a beach not too crowded but not too far, where we can pitch tents, sleep on hammocks (or even on the sand!), swim until pitch dark, and drink until we hold onto the fine grains of sand trying to avoid falling off the earth. Continue reading Playa La Caleta: A Glamping Paradise

My Spirituality Undefined

One novice asked me, “What is your spirituality? Was it St. John’s or St. Therese’s…?” I answered with a laugh, then saying I don’t know anything about it. He insist I should have defined my spirituality by now, ‘You are a Carmelite’, he said. I laughed again, denying the assumption. Continue reading My Spirituality Undefined