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Weekly Blog Challenge - Eat, Run, Draw and Write
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Weekly Blog Challenge

After being a blogger who doesn’t write for over three years, just writing during my “inspired moments”, and sulking into depression for almost a year, I finally had the courage to step out of the darkness I’m accustomed to. And into the light, I go. Yay!

A sure mistake for starting a blog is not to write. A lesson I learned so far in this blogging journey. Now, I’m determined to start my year right and to bring back my soul and passion for writing. And will take this blogging journey to the next level. Wohoo!

In order to do so, I challenge myself to do a weekly blog post. I’m working full-time, mid-shift from 3 pm til midnight, so I won’t be able to post blog daily. I usually write around 1 to 4 or 5 in the morning, so it won’t be possible during my weekday shift at work. My mind is tired from balancing reconciliations and excel spreadsheets all by then — the boring life of an accountant. Haha. But I do post in my personal Facebook and Instagram account my daily rants. Sometimes, a short reflection of how my day goes and so on.

Anyway, back to my topic. I counted the weeks left for this year. We still have more or less, around 45 weeks, I didn’t bother to do the math, but as long as I’m committed to write weekly, it will be fine. I created a plan for my blog posts. Each week, I will write about the topic prompt in my schedule below:


Here is my list in much readable format. 🙂


Blog Prompts

Week 1 What, why and where I write?
Week 2 List 10 unique food you tried.
Week 3 Describe 7 Things you’re awful at.
Week 4 List your five favorite book.
Week 5 What’s your workplace like?
Week 6 Discuss some of the things in your bucket list.
Week 7 List your top 10 Kdrama series.
Week 8 If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
Week 9 10 Weird things about yourself.
Week 10 List your favorite quotes.
Week 11 Your top five favorite movie.
Week 12 What’s your middle name and what’s its significance?
Week 13 What do you collect?
Week 14 List 10 book in your bookshelf and how do you find it?
Week 15 What superstitious beliefs your family has?
Week 16 List 10 things reminiscent of your childhood
Week 17 Your commute to and from school/work, etc.
Week 18 Your Zodiac/horoscope & whether you think it fits you.
Week 19 List unexplainable things you experienced.
Week 20 Share your best money-saving tips.
Week 21 Your favorite TV series.
Week 22 Your on-the-go breakfast recipe/snack.
Week 23 Favorite apps you can’t live without.
Week 24 Do’s and Don’t’s in your office.
Week 25 Share your best secrets in handling office stress.
Week 26 Posts that makes you laugh out loud.
Week 27 A letter to someone – anyone.
Week 28 List 10 songs that you’re loving right now.
Week 29 How can you reduce things that’s draining your energy?
Week 30 Share your quick happy tips.
Week 31 List five favorite mantras.
Week 32 List 7 great habits to live by.
Week 33 Pros and Cons of being an accountant.
Week 34 Advantages and disadvantages of being petite and short.
Week 35 10 Recipes to try.
Week 36 Your weekly spend log.
Week 37 What’s inside your traveler’s kit?
Week 38 Top 10 Favorite Desserts.
Week 39 When people first meet me…
Week 40 Your biggest pet peeves.
Week 41 Make a vlog and show us.
Week 42 Holiday Traditions
Week 43 What you wore.
Week 44 How do you stay organized?
Week 45 Write your goals for the next year.

This list will be able to help me in focused and directed to my goal. I may be able to answer now my Week 1 Challenge in relation to this post: What, Why and Where I write?

What I write?

I write about my thoughts, more on self discovery and self-reflection. I also love to write about my travels and my unique experiences when I do. There’s so much you can learn while traveling. So, mostly, I write about myself and my experiences, but I believe that some people can relate too.

Why I write?

Simply because I love writing. I am maintaining journals since high school up until now. I record my daily activities, my rants, my secrets, my thoughts, all in my journals. It helps me express my thoughts and my feelings. I also write to improve myself. I often post about my #commutediaries in my Facebook account. This is mainly about short stories/notes of my daily commute to and from work and I’ve noticed that people love to read it. Some may argue with my post, some may totally agree, most people find it funny and fun to read. And people would often tell me, why should you not try blogging or becoming a writer? Little did they know that that is my ultimate dream. 🙂

Where do I write?

I’m comfortable writing at home, where no one can distract me. This question could go with ‘When?’, which my answer is from 1 am to 5 in the morning. Some writers have a habit or routines when it comes to writing. When I’m at home during weekends, I rarely go out. My mind is awake during witching hours, that is when everybody else is asleep. Maybe, one factor is my working shift. From Monday ’til Friday, I work from 3 pm until midnight, and until morning during month ends and first two weeks of the month. My mind will be too tired to write long posts or blog about my travels. I usually write short poems and short daily reflections then on my Facebook or in my diary.

But when inspiration comes, or whenever I felt the urge to write something, my phone or my journal always come in handy. I am also fond of writing during my commute to work. Two hours of travel is enough to keep my mind busy. And it’s always a pleasure for me.

We have different routines and habits in writing but I learned one that is always the best: making it a habit to write daily; Be it in my journal or even some sticky notes in my smartphone. Quoting Ralph Keyes:

“Serious writers write, inspired or not. Over time, they discover that routine is a better friend than inspiration.”

This won’t be easy. But I know we can make it. 🙂

She’s a traveler, a frustrated accountant. An artist and a writer at heart. Unpredictable and spontaneous. A little weird and a little mysterious. So chase her and run with her. You’ll never get bored and you’ll never regret it.


I would like to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment.


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