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My Random List - Eat, Run, Draw and Write
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My Random List

So, I just got home around 6 in the morning from long hours of work and overtime, I was waiting for sleep to come and was looking for something interesting in Pinterest and when I found this: Random List.

It was quite challenging so I tried this one with the best of my abilities to finish until I fell asleep. So here’s mine:

  1. Name – My full name is Jennylyn Li Escoltero.

  2. Age – In my mind, I’m stuck with 25, but I’m actually two years older than what my mind believes so.

  3. 3 Fears – Okay. It’s getting serious. First, I’m afraid of leeches. Second, I’m afraid of extreme rides and slides — pool slides, mud slides, you name it! And third, I’m afraid of big waves — afraid to die drowning. But I wonder, I love beaches and snorkeling. Oh life vest is a must for me.

  1. 3 Things I Love – Three would not be enough of course since I love many things. So I will just name three things that came to my mind right now at this moment: 1. Chocolate 2. Sleep 3. Ice Cream

  2. 4 Turn Ons – 1. Humor 2. Strong personality 3. Honesty 4. Consistency

6. 4 Turn Offs – 1. Boring 2. Liar 3. Inconsistent 4. Cry Baby

7. My Bestfriend – Correction, bestfriends. They are my brothers and sisters from other wombs. We call ourselves Baluga, meaning dark-skinned.

8. Sexual Orientation – As far as I know, I’m strictly a female, female and my future I hope will be in the home of a brave and free male who’ll enjoy being a guy, having a girl like me! Well, straight female.

  1. My best first date – But what if your first date isn’t best? I didn’t dated actually. Not unless buying coffee late at night is considered one. How pathetic.

10. How Tall Am I – Let’s rephrase the question, how short am I? Then, I can answer: I’m 4’9′. Haha

  1. What do I miss – I miss my father, so much. He died when I was twelve.

  2. What time were I born – my mother said it’s 3 in the morning. No womder I’m a night owl.

  3. Favorite color – as an artist, I love all colors, and that means black! The existence of all colors! Haha

  4. Do I have a crush – that’sa proof that I’m still normal. Lol. Ahh, crush, the one you wish to see everyday, but when your eyes met, you really can’t look at him straight? So many crushes to choose from. Haha.

  5. Favorite Quote – “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

  6. Favorite Place – If it’s for a vacation, one of my fave places to visit is Cebu. But if I just want to unwind and pray, I would always go to Quiapo Church.

  1. Favorite Food – I would eat anything on my table, except for cucumber. I can’t stand the smell. But when asked for favorites, I would love to scream, ice cream!!!!.

18. Do I use sarcasm – I’d like to be nice but it is my expertise! Lol.

  1. What am I listening to right now – “All my life I’ve been waiting for, I’ve been praying for all the people to say…” One Day by Matisyahu is on repeat mode.

  2. First thing I notice in a new person – hmmm. His/her energy. It’s all in the vibes.

21. Shoe size – Kiddie size, just kidding. Size 36, 6 in American metrics. The heck about the difference.

  1. Eye color – I believe Asians have naturally dark-brown-close-to-black eye color. But it could be just black really.

23. Hair color – naturally black, I dyed it blonde, I once tried violet, red and brown. Maybe one day, I’ll try pink or green. Haha.

24. Favorite style of clothing – laid back, the more comfortable, the better. But I love short shorts and mini skirts. Compliments my petite body.

  1. Ever done a prank call? – Nope, I was the one who got pranked. We’re not allowed to eat at our working stations, but I do break rules. Then while doing the crime, I received a call saying it’s from my the HR, asking if I’m eating in my workstation. And because I am honest, I admit I am caught in the act. Then I heard someone laughing from the other line, turns out, my officemate was the one who called me from one of our meeting rooms. They burst out laughing listening to me in loudspeaker while I admit the crime.

  2. Meaning behind my URL – Eat. Run. Draw. Write. Four things to sum me up. I love to eat though I never get fat, I am sooo thin; Maybe because I am too energetic I’m always on the go, ready for the next run, the next adrenaline rush; I love to draw and paint, I’m an artist at heart. And I love to write, and the dream of becoming a writer still lingers in my bones somewhere.

27. Favorte movie – Interstellar, as always. I am fond of space, the universe, the moon, aliens, dimensions and other realms, ESP and all weird things. Things some people would never really understand.

28. Favorite Song – So many. But maybe, the most meanigful for me right now is Never Been To Me by Charlene. Seems like the singer is singin it to her younger self.

29. Favorite band – My all time local fave is Eraserheads, international is Maroon 5.

  1. How I feel right now – I’m a bit sleepy and tired from work. But now atleast I’m home, doing what I love.

31. Someone I love – Love, love, love. Aside from my parents and siblings and friends, I have no special person in mind. There are people I used to love, some they don’t even know about. But they rather not know, cause I don’t love them anymore. Char!

  1. My current relationship status – Single and enjoying my waiting time. They say women need to get married before 30, or else you’re doomed to single blessedness forever. Screw the social imposed timelines, let the time bomb explode. My right time will come.

  2. My relationship with my parents – I’m close to my mother. But I am a papa’s girl.

  3. Favorite holiday – Christmas and New Year. Who wouldn’t love to celebrate the Christmas season in the Philippines? Christmas season starts in September up until January. We’re pretty serious about it.

35. Tattoos and peircing I have – I promised myself I would inked my father’s name on my body, in honor of him, and that I will always carry his name and his memory in my heart. And so I had his name inked on my shoulder, my first tattoo. As to piercing, I have three pairs on my ears and I don’t plan to add more.

So done with my random list. I will try another list challenge onwards. This will help me release all the stress out. 😊 You could try your own, you will learn things about yourself as well, it may surprise you.

So until next time, list with me. 😊

She’s a traveler, a frustrated accountant. An artist and a writer at heart. Unpredictable and spontaneous. A little weird and a little mysterious. So chase her and run with her. You’ll never get bored and you’ll never regret it.

I would like to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment.


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