On His Wedding Day, I Said Goodbye

I can now write our story. I now know the ending. This is our end.

I am happy for both of us. You’re going to be wed, I’ve finally let you go and is starting a new life ahead, we’re both taking a step forward, but unlike the others who walk hand in hand, we’re moving forward, away from each other. Looking back, I can still remember as clearly as day the first time I met you. The feeling of bliss, as if my soul is rejoicing, jumping in joy. That day, I said to myself, “I don’t know your real name, but I know I’ve found someone so special. I hope this joy lasts.” Yes, my soul knew you’re going to be someone special in my life. I believed you are my soulmate. But soulmate sometimes don’t end up together. Sometimes, they are not even in romantic relationship. Our time had passed. Our purpose in each other’s life is over. Our lessons learned. But our memories will still remain.

Our love for each other will still remain, though not as ablaze as before. I realized love doesn’t really fades, it only changes. I will forget the pain and the hurt I’ve experienced but I won’t forget the lessons I’ve learned. I will remember all the good things we shared. All the good things I’ve loved in you. I’ll remember our short and secret coffee dates, and ‘our’ place. I’ll remember all the sweet and late night conversations we had, about almost everything under the sun. You never fail to amaze me as much as I do amaze you. We love each other’s wit and reasoning. I will remember how we debate on small things, and always end up sticking to each others opinions, but compromising each other’s points.

I will remember how you used to hug me, as if tomorrow, I’ll be nowhere to be seen. You used to be my man, I used to be yours, but right now, we no longer call each other his or her own. I will remember all the details of how you say goodbye. Of how you say you’re sorry.

I will always remember you as the best musician I’ve ever known. I am your number one fan, as always. I will remember how you called late at night and played my favorite song on the piano and let me listen while you played it over the phone. Your jokes will forever make me laugh, no matter how many times I played it in my mind.

I’ll keep your stories and how your eyes shine while you tell them, as if waiting for so long of a listener. You are once my fortress, my savior, my superhero. The feeling of elation when I am with you is overwhelming, the feeling of being secured and safe.

I will try not to forget your sweet voice and the way you call my name. Though your voice that once whispered sweet words to my ears, now, crisp and cold as ice. But instead of recalling the painful days, that even your smile put daggers in my heart, I will choose to remember the warmth and the love.

I have loved you dearly that letting you go was so hard. And when good things come to an end, it is so hard to accept. But I endured. And I’ve finally learned to let you go.

Now you walk to the aisle, to the altar, wearing that same habit you wore the day I met you. You’re still as handsome as you are, still as loveable as you are. This is finally our end. The church bells are ringing. The choirs are singing. Love is infinite, unbound by time. If ever we’re to be born again in another lifetime, I’m sure my soul will recognize you and will still gladly choose you; Hoping that in our next life, there is no end for both of us. I’m still thankful that I experienced this kind of love — a tender sacrifice. It is a topsy-turvy road. I laughed a lot, I cried a lot, but most importantly, I learned a lot. I can say that I truly loved, and that love alone is enough.

And for the last time, I will say I love you. I loved you with all my heart and my soul. And I am genuinely happy to witnessed you get married to Christ.

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