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Break All The Rules And Get Inked

In our family, there’s one rule about getting a tattoo: “You should never get one!”

My father has a big tattoo on his back. I remember the days when he was still alive, I will trace my fingers on his tattoo, a face of a woman, her left cheek burned, a snake’s on top of her head, jaws open ready to attack. It was a frightful tattoo but I am so amazed on how can someone paint such a gruesome image on his body.

When my father died, I promised myself I would have my own body inked with his name. The only thing is, my mother won’t allow me. I asked for her permission, for how many years, until I reached the age of 25 – still not yet allowed.

But after a year, I finally had the courage to break the rule. I got inked at last, without my mother’s knowing. Had my father’s name tattooed on my left shoulder.

Many people would think this is so out of bounds. Myths about tattoos are still lurking somewhere in the air, whispering to anyone, being judged by the art. The most common judgment and myth? You can’t donate blood. I often laugh it off. After so many research and asking some nurses, generally, you can actually donate blood even though you have a tattoo. There’s just a specific time frame, say you just have to wait for 12 months until you can donate blood again, if you’re healthy and eligible for blood donations.

Another prejudice among people with tattoos is that you are not a good person. You are a drug addict, you’re a bad influence. Oh come on. This is 2017. Can’t believe people are still thinking backwards, judging one person because of the way he looks. But we can’t totally eradicate that, some people will still judge you no matter what, and we don’t care. 🙂

My friend and I went to our scheduled inking session last Tuesday at Angono, Rizal with Ate Maren, a beauty. She has her shop located at Arveemar Homes near SM Angono.

I got inked first. It was just fine. My pain tolerance is quite high so it doesn’t matter to me much. We can’t really say how much it hurts or if not. It depends on each person. My friend says it hurts, I said it’s not that much. Feels like some kind of tickling sensation, and after awhile it would sting, but tolerable. Would not hurt as much as when your ex-boyfriend left you. I’m sure, emotional pain is much painful than this. 😉

To wrap it up, I will surely come back to have my second ink. Still thinking of a meaningful design though. This is my forever. My tattoo will not leave me ever, so better make it meaningful. Until the next dutdutan session. 🙂


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