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Pokemon Go and the 90’s Kids

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was…. And the song goes on in my head. Come on, don’t be shy, sing with me. We all knew the song. We knew it by heart. It’s Pokemon!

We’re all going crazy. No, we’re not just joining the club of Ash’s and Team Rockets just for the sake of being ‘in’. This is millennial anime/game in Generation Z! And yes, this is nostalgic.

I remember watching Pokemon when I was a kid with my siblings. We were trying to memorize all the Pokemons and their evolutions. Who owns which and what did the Team Rocket catched and stupidly gave away. We play Pokemon cards, texts (small rectangular paper with Pokemon prints) and pogs (round-shaped cardboard with prints of your fave cartoon) of Pomemon in our own ‘gym’. It was a nice memory. As if we’re back in time. Those childhood memories we kept in our childhood self, were automatically retrieved and refreshed the moment we caught sight of the Pokeball. One Pokemon catched on the list, be it Vulpix to Ninetails, Abra to Kadabra to Alakazam, our minds knew those familiar names, and we can’t help but smile.

Now Pokemon is in this smartphones we always use. Looking for a Pokemon in ‘real life’ is a wow for us. Finally, we can be like Ash or Brock or Misty, Serena or even Jessie or James. We can catch our first Pokemon and train them. Our childhood dreams came true.

Many will never understand specially those who don’t play the game, who don’t know any Pokemon at all (and that is possible), but this our childhood fantasy (how many times will I say it). It’s coming true in this virtual world. We can never defend ourselves for not looking on the streets instead because we’re too engrossed in playing Pokemon Go. We can’t blame you if we tripped over, if our phones were snatched, if we exit on a wrong way and bump into a glass door — which just happened to me yesterday. We can’t blame you for blaming us, ourselves. We’re guilty as charged.

We can’t promise we’ll stay alert at all times, sometimes we will just be plain stupid because of the game. But we will try to be sane as we should be. Though bear with us please for stopping abruptly while walking, or just by walking really really slowly. You will get irritated and get tired of this hype but this will all pass.

So let us just have our moment, our childhood dreams came into reality (though not really that ‘real’). We will be responsible of our own whatever effect the game may have on us. Just let us play the game and we will all live happily ever after. 😁

I would like to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment.


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