Little Greece in an Island


We started our 2016 a little different — camping in an island! When you’re up to a challenge and at the same time, want relaxation on the beach and feel the yearning-for-adventure traveler in you, then, Fortune Island is for you.


Fortune Island is located at Nasugbu, Batangas. It is once a luxury resort, isolated and now abandoned yet still gained popularity despite the fact that there is no electricity and fresh water in it. I never had the chance to ask the keepers of the island of how come it was abandoned but they only managed to tell me that it was now being rented by a Korean. But according to some stories, the island is filled with mystery. They say many ships sunk within its vicinity and that is why stories of ghosts in the island adds thrill to it. Glad we didn’t encounter any of them though during our stay. Hmm, if you won’t count the mysterious disappearance of the grilled pork belly (for forty people) we prepared for the next day ahead, that would be another mystery to add. 🙂



Together with my office mates, friends and friends of friends, off we went to seek back-to-the-basic experience. We rented a bus from Eastwood to Nasugbu (yeah, it’s like an educational trip for we are more than 40 pax) then rented two boats to the island. The boat ride was almost an hour, but we feel excited, much more upon seeing dolphins and flying fish welcoming us on our way.




The white sand beach and the tranquility of the island was comforting. A really nice place to lift all your burdens and throw it at the sea. The famous Acropolis of the island stands tall, above the cliff, visible from afar. The structure was inspired by the Acropolis of Greece. It seems like it was the gate to the island or the watcher and the guard. As if the gods were somewhere there, under its strong pillars, having their picnic and enjoying the view of the sunset.



And since the island has no electricity and fresh water, if you’re planning to go there, be sure to bring enough drinking water and a flashlight. That also means, no washrooms. If you want to take a bath, the sea is wide open. If you want to pee, the beach is wide open, if you want to poop, the sand is abundant — all you need to do is dig. But make sure you’re far away, got it? 😛






You may gather some wood around the place and cook the old way or make a bonfire at night. You may pitch your tent anywhere. You may also want to try cliff diving. It is the most exciting part of the trip — oh the fear of falling. And that unexplained feeling when you are falling, counting the seconds in your head (but can’t focus) on how long will it take before you reach the water. And once you’ve hit the sea, and float back again, all you can shout is, “Wooh!” and you will realize in an instant how great cliff diving is, overruling the fact that you’re afraid and hesitant at first.


All in all. Fortune Island is truly a fortune. If you’re up to a challenge, seek this island. I truly recommend it to travelers out there, who love the gratifying and fulfilling experience of being back to the basic. –jle

Photo credits to Ginnie.
If you want to see our itinerary, please click this link: Fortune Island Itinerary






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